Sanat-Minat Lodge, Bolgatanga

Laura writes: I have just come back from Ghana. I found the Bradt guide useful and I have really appreciated your availability to receive updates I was working in the Upper East Region and my colleague and I stayed in a nice lodge in Bolgatanga which is not included in the 8th edition of the … Continue reading Sanat-Minat Lodge, Bolgatanga

Accra and Bolgatanga updates

Merete writes: I came back last week from a 2 month stay in Ghana. Thank you very much for your detailed and indispensable guidebook.   Some updates: Accra: Osu Castle (p 150-151): open daily - not just on Fridays ($4 or 30 Cedis) I saw Osu Castle on Tuesday 7th January - which is Constitution … Continue reading Accra and Bolgatanga updates

Custom-made clothing in Bolgatanga

Olive writes: I would like to inform you about two very good seamstresses I met in Bolgatanga. They made some very nice clothes for me and my husband and they are cheap! Their quality is very good and my experience is that it is always difficult to get a seamstress that has a high standard … Continue reading Custom-made clothing in Bolgatanga

August 2016 trip report (mostly in the north)

Kira writes: Paga - Kubs Lodge hasn't changed much, rooms from 50GhC but unfortunately the kitchen doesn't exist.  After a long trip to get over the border, one of the boys went out to get some jollof rice with chicken (the chicken was like eating a shoe, terrible!) Emmanuel from Bolga gave me a good … Continue reading August 2016 trip report (mostly in the north)

Tongo Oasis, Bolgatanga

A reader writes: I just wanted to update you on a restaurant outside Bolgatanga already in the Bradt Guide. Tongo Oasis is a large restaurant with conference rooms, a 3,000' mosaic veranda and eco-lodge accommodations made from mud and thatch (no AC at present). Hawa serves international dishes such as burritos, fajitas, spaghetti, french toast, pancakes with … Continue reading Tongo Oasis, Bolgatanga