August 2014 trip report

Stefanie O'Bryen writes: I have been travelling in Ghana with my 17 year old son during August and wanted to share the following points: 1. Currency – I brought some cash dollars but found that the exchange rate was less favourable than it would have been for pounds sterling. You do get a higher rate … Continue reading August 2014 trip report

Holger’s trip report

Holger writes: Our family (son 15 years, daughter 18 years) just traveled two weeks across Ghana and like to send some updates for your travelling guide: General Many prices especially at the touristic sides (like Kakum, Mole, Boabeng) have been rised clearly. Because we had only 2 weeks and wanted to see a lot we decided … Continue reading Holger’s trip report

Accra updates & buses to Benin

Graham writes: Standard Chartered no longer change TCs even at the main branch, and Barclays only change them at the Accra High Street Branch but with a limit of 150 sterling a day, despite having the purchase certificate and photocopying my passport. Coaches to Cotonou (Benin) go from the Chisco Station near Nkrumah Circle, the … Continue reading Accra updates & buses to Benin

Detailed accommodation and trip report

Thanks to Nitharshan Srikanthapalan for the wonderfully detailed report below: Here’s some info from the trip I’ve just had in Ghana (1st – 27th March). Mainly involving prices although I think others have already provided a bit of an update on that front anyway… FYI I rated each hotel out of 7 (likeart scale) so … Continue reading Detailed accommodation and trip report