Northern Ghana updates

Entry fees in Paga doubled to C4 Nakpanduri: government resthouse seems closed.  Sillim guesthouse C15 for a double.  Tel: 027 54 73 799.  Neighbour prepares food on request. Yendi:  Yahaya Iddi guesthouse is closed. Ntonso: great place to visit, you can stamp your own adinkra cloth. Great guides, worth a visit (day trip from Kumasi). … Continue reading Northern Ghana updates

Christine’s updates

Hi, I am working as a volunteer near Ashanti Bekwai, and have a few updates for your book. I have found it very useful so far. In Kumasi, Vic Baboo's is a very popular place for foreigners to meet, but be ready for extremely slow service and higher prices than similar places in town. For … Continue reading Christine’s updates

Adanwomase, Ntonse & Abompe

I've visited Adanwomase (Kente weaving) and Abompe (bauxite beads) in the last fortnight and have a couple of updates for you. Adanwomase offers 'homestay' accomodation in addition to the guesthouse. It's GHC 10 for a double room with clean bedding and a ceiling fan. The accomodation is in a family compound, the host family are … Continue reading Adanwomase, Ntonse & Abompe