Central Ghana updates

Many thanks to Nancy Chuang - travelling through Ghana right now gathering info for the 8th edition - for these detailed updates from central Ghana: ADJIEKROM COCOA TOURS Due to slowdown in tourism, the director is not always available, there isn’t really an active visitors center. Call him to confirm your visit in advance (especially … Continue reading Central Ghana updates

New trip report

Bill and Carol Bailey write We recently returned from a two week visit to Ghana, group of 4. We used the 4th edition, but will be buying the 6th as it sounds like a good update. We spent a week at Asesewa (church link) in the Eastern Region staying at the Shai Hills Resort Annex just … Continue reading New trip report

Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

We have just returned from a five-week tour of Ghana, where we used your guide extensively.  It was an invaluable key to points of interest and to practical necessities (e.g. It’s very late – where can we find a guest house near the bus station?).  Occasionally, though, the description in the guide seemed out-of-date, so … Continue reading Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

Updates for Stone Lodge, near Shai Hills

The management of Stone Lodge has emailed to let us know that it now has air-con in all chalets and refrigerators in some. It does not have 36 chalets, as we state, but 31 rooms spread between 13 chalets and two villas. They are currently constructing a swimming pool and a multi-purpose banquet hall. Additional … Continue reading Updates for Stone Lodge, near Shai Hills