News from Green Ranch, Lake Bosomtwe

We would like to update some information regarding. the activities and services offered by the Green Ranch. First of all, accomodation is now available for our horses'friends in a mud-brick tatched-roofed bungalow and costs 30 GhC for one person and 25 Ghc per person from 2 up to 4 persons including breakfast. Full boarding is … Continue reading News from Green Ranch, Lake Bosomtwe

Horse riding at Lake Bosumtwi

We would like to inform all the Bradt guide readers of the Ghana book that we have newly opened a horse ranch called The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe and we offer horse-rides from 1 hour to 1 day to all...Our horses are all Ghanean (!) and I, myself, am a professionnal French horse-trekking guide. 'Safety … Continue reading Horse riding at Lake Bosumtwi