Feb 2016 trip report

Paul Bodenham writes: First of all may I thank you for all your hard work producing the Ghana guidebooks for Bradt. We've been using them for many years and have found them essential. I would like to pass on some information about accommodation in Saltpond, which we visited last February (sorry for the delay!). Mfantessim … Continue reading Feb 2016 trip report

Mfantseman Beach Resort, Saltpond

James writes: I stayed at the Nkubeim Motel, 40 cedis, first place I found getting off the tro-tro. Next morning discovered a brand new, well-kept beach resort, run by Steve and Bridget. The Mfantseman Beach Resort 0237 808 618 and 0555 393 318. I had lunch there, 16 cedis, fufu with excellent beef. Didn't stay … Continue reading Mfantseman Beach Resort, Saltpond

Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Thanks to James Fraser for these detailed notes about walks taken along the Ghanaian coast over 2011 to 2013: These notes are for those who are thinking of walking along the coast in Ghana.  The coastline is very beautiful, in parts, particularly west of Takoradi.  For anyone who enjoys walking; the coast possibly offers the best … Continue reading Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Kokobongo Beach Hotel, Saltpond

Proprietor Cyril Walley writes: Kokobongo Beach Hotel is a new beach hotel located on the beach between Saltpond and Kormantse, two historical villages. It is a walking distance from the main Accra and Cape Coast road and. It is between fifteen and twenty minutes drive from the Cape Coast historical slavery museum. it is also … Continue reading Kokobongo Beach Hotel, Saltpond

Kokobongo Beach, Saltpond

Cyril Walley, the owner of the new Kokobongo Beach Lodge in Saltpond, has forwaded me the following details: We are on Saltpond Bypass, house number 1, just 100 meters from the Accra-Cape Coast road  (but you will only hear the sea here, not the traffic. We are too small to be a resort. We have 4 sea view rooms with … Continue reading Kokobongo Beach, Saltpond

Updates for Kokrobite & Saltpond & Apam

Sam Says: (August 2, 2008) Kokrobite I was robbed on the beach at Kokrobite three weeks ago. I didn’t have much of value on me (a broken watch, some coins, and some random pieces of paper). There were 5 of them. One had a knife which he displayed but not in a threatening way. They … Continue reading Updates for Kokrobite & Saltpond & Apam