New Akosombo-Yeji Ferry times

Anna and Jonas write: The ferry top Yeji now leaves Akosombo on Monday at 4 pm. When I travelled in March 2016,  it left on time and we also arrived on time in Yeji, i.e. Wednesday morning at 2 am in the night, where we spent the rest of the night on the beach. The ferry then leaves … Continue reading New Akosombo-Yeji Ferry times

Yeji-Akosombo Ferry, Mole NP, Larabanga & Tamale

Jonas writes: We just returned from Ghana. Your travel guide provided some excellent information, thank you for that! I only have a few minor corrections, updates and comments: 1. The Yeji-Akosombo-ferry now leaves Yeji on Wednesday morning around 3 to 4 a.m. We spent our night in Yeji in the Alliance Hotel, which is alright, but pretty … Continue reading Yeji-Akosombo Ferry, Mole NP, Larabanga & Tamale

Volta ferry from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi

Kai writes: We took the volta ferry “Yapei Queen” in Juy 2013 from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi. It starts every Monday around 4.30 pm at the landing in Akosombo. The port lies about 10 minutes from the city “center” and there’s not much around it. However, we arrived some hours in advance to secure tickets … Continue reading Volta ferry from Akosombo to Kete Kretchi