Admission and photography fees

Solveig writes: I've just returned from a 3-week trip to Ghana (April/May 2013), mostly along the Western Ghanaian coast and to Ashanti region, and would like to mention that the entrance fees for sights (e.g. Elmina & Cape Coast castle, Kakum National Park) have increased quite a bit for foreigners, plus there is now a … Continue reading Admission and photography fees

Sandie & Ian’s trip report

My husband and I have lived in Ghana for almost a year, working on a voluntary basis with a chain of low-cost private schools west of Accra.  In our free time we have travelled to different parts of the country, and I believe we have seen all the major points of interest.  We have used … Continue reading Sandie & Ian’s trip report

Hotel rates in Ghana

On June 1, 2010, the Electricity Corporation of Ghana raised its rates dramatically.  It was the first increase since 2004! Non-residential rates were increased over a whopping 100%. Before June 1, each unit over the first 600 costs 0.195 p. After June 1 each unit over the first 600 costs 0.450 p, representing an increase of 130.77%! In short, travellers … Continue reading Hotel rates in Ghana