Admission and photography fees

Solveig writes: I've just returned from a 3-week trip to Ghana (April/May 2013), mostly along the Western Ghanaian coast and to Ashanti region, and would like to mention that the entrance fees for sights (e.g. Elmina & Cape Coast castle, Kakum National Park) have increased quite a bit for foreigners, plus there is now a … Continue reading Admission and photography fees

Mary & Natalie’s Accra updates

Just had this very detailed email in, relating to the 4th edition rather than the 5th, but it seems worth reproducing some parts of it anyway We really appreciated having your very helpful Ghana guidebook on our recent visit to Ghana. We wanted to give you a few suggestions for changes and updates, in case … Continue reading Mary & Natalie’s Accra updates

Hotel rates in Ghana

On June 1, 2010, the Electricity Corporation of Ghana raised its rates dramatically.  It was the first increase since 2004! Non-residential rates were increased over a whopping 100%. Before June 1, each unit over the first 600 costs 0.195 p. After June 1 each unit over the first 600 costs 0.450 p, representing an increase of 130.77%! In short, travellers … Continue reading Hotel rates in Ghana