Bike trip around Bolgatanga

Kai writes:

During our stay in Bolga, we decided to take our time to discover the nearby village of Tongo and the Tengzug shrine (see Bradt Guide) by bike. It was a great day, riding a bike on quiet dirt roads, interacting with very friendly locals.

There are usually a lot bikes in Bolgatanga on display. However, not all are for rent. We hired our bikes from Matthew, the friendly owner of an open air bike shop. The bikes were in good shape and cost 0,80 GHC per hour. He is located under a big tree on the main road by the police station, close to an intersection by the big mosque that is currently under construction. His number: 0208541410

With our new bikes, we headed on the main road towards Zuarungu (Bolgatanga Zebilla Rd). In Zuarungu its best to ask some locals for the street to Tongo. It is a very quiet dirt road in good condition.Once in Tongo, take a left at the sign for the Tengzug Shrines. Continue on the good tarmac road up hill. Once at the visitor center, you can arrange an interesting tour for 20 GHC per person (10 GHC for students). You get to see several caves and a very impressive, large and bustling chief compound. For the way back, we took another route: From Tongo to Winkogo and from there on the main Tamale – Bolga road. Not as quiet and idyllic, but definitely faster than the way there.

All in all, this 40 km bike ride was very refreshing something new compared to other “normal” tourist activities.

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