Oct/Nov 2013 trip report

Marijke v& Jos write:
We were in Ghana from 23/10 till 28/11 and we have noticed many changes to the information in your 5th edition.
This was our second time in Ghana and we love to be in Ghana. The people are very friendly and helpful
The prices of all the guesthouse were higher than in the 5th edition. Our cheapest guesthouse costs 15 GH for a double room in Bimbilla and the most expensive was the Calvary methodist guesthouse in Accra: 70 GH
Accra: The calvary methodist guesthouse : a double room costs nowady 70GH incl breakfast, but the price is too high, because you have to climb three stairs with heavy luggage.
GREET in Accra does have an other adress.
Accra Visitor Centre doesn’t exist anymore
Mohamed Moro (of Bolgatanga) lives now in Accra and he can organize a tour in Accra or Togo or Cote d’Ivoire. , amead2006@hotmail.com, tel. 024-6750823
An other organisation can also guide people in Accra and Kumasi: www.urbanadventures.com
Rising phoenix is a nice guesthouse, however there are many blowing young people (no problem for us, but it can perhaps be a problem  for other guests)
There is a new bus company called VIP. It is in the neighbourhood of the STC station.
Kumasi: the restaurant of the Presbyterian guesthouse is closed at sunday
Mohammed Moro lives now in Accra, but his brother Malik Moro can also be a guide. Contact him via: No food for lazy man. Moromalik@yahoo.com or te. 0207389056
The Green house is not anymore a project of Meet Africa. Contact Ibrahim Salifu: gasbare@yahoo.com tel. 0208913117 or 024 9333184, www.greenhouseghana.com
Nakpanduri: an orginal Ghanian new guesthouse, Paradise hotel, very basic but nice, situated between the Sillim guesthouse and the  Government guesthouse on the right side of the road.
Tamale:  Only on the Barclays in Tamale you could change traveller cheques (perhaps also in Ho and Accra, but not in Kumasi and Bolgatanga)
Bimbilla: They are renovating the teacher guesthouse and the Gulf station. A basic and simple guesthouse is: Asis guesthouse .
Nkwanta : many young boys try to earn some money with their motorbikes. They bring you on the back of the motorbike to many places in the neighbourhood, like the Kyabobo National Park
Wli falls: In our opinion it becomes to touristic and  the guide asks 3 GH each hour for each person. And the entrance is 10 GH for the lower falls and 13 GH for the upper falls.
Kpetoe: the new visitors centre has been closed. If you want information about the Kente weavers, go to the main Kente factory near the America House.
Xavi: The tourist information was closed. For a guide you can call Saviour Xavi: 0542014602 (a very nice guide)  We paid for the one-hour tour in a traditional dug-out cano and the baobab tour for two persons totally 50 GH: it is the minimum price. The guide explained that most of that money would be use for the community. We have explained him that the most tourists want to know how much they have to pay and how the fees will be used. He promised to make a list with the prices.
Ada Foah: They are renovating the Mayekom guesthouse. The Dasikope Water Camp doesn’t exist anymore, is destroyed by the sea. The Midas New Estuary Beach Club: when we were on this Beach Camp, there was a big fire: 4 huts were burned down. Propably sabotage, because the land has been bought by a rich American, who wants to build a large hotel on this place. The chief hasn.t giev permission for the selling of this land, but they passed him.
The price or the boat to this camp was extremily high: 20 GH one way, but the normal price nowadays is 20 GH in and out.
Prampram: Sealane hotel was closed: problems with electricity and the plumbing.
Prambeach with Swedish owners exist since 2007. It has 10 nice queensize rooms.
Price 50 and 70 GH, and also a restaurant. http://www. prambeach.com. tel. 0276111429.
A very nice place to stay.
Legacy Beach Club resort has also rooms, but is very expensive.
Golden Beach resort: is also a nice place to stay.
New Ningo  Seema World Beach resort and Sunny Haven Beach resort doesn’t exist anymore. Vas holiday Centre is still closed and Comme Ci Beach resort doesn’t exist anymore. It seems that the gloroius days of this place is over and out. 

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