August 2014 trip report

Stefanie O'Bryen writes: I have been travelling in Ghana with my 17 year old son during August and wanted to share the following points: 1. Currency – I brought some cash dollars but found that the exchange rate was less favourable than it would have been for pounds sterling. You do get a higher rate … Continue reading August 2014 trip report


Some general updates

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Ghana (my first trip to Africa), and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful guide. One thing I was taken aback by was that it seems to be a standard practice for people to ask for donations if you go into a village. This … Continue reading Some general updates

Bribery & driving in Ghana

I love your Ghana guide, which is my bible as I'm here for an 18-month job .  However, the situation vis a vis bribery is not quite as benign as you describe on pp.85-86, 2009 edition.  I work for a US-funded project that is trying, among other things, to reduce the incidence of bribery along intra-regional (West Africa) trade routes.  It's … Continue reading Bribery & driving in Ghana