Latest news from eastern and coastal Ghana

Thanks to Nancy Chuang, who is Ghana right now researching the coming 8th edition of the Bradt Guide, for the following key updates (listed in alphabetical order): ACCRA (TESHIE-NUNGUA): people who book online would already know this, but if you’re driving out to the African Royal Beach Hotel without making prior contact, just know that … Continue reading Latest news from eastern and coastal Ghana

August 2014 trip report

Stefanie O'Bryen writes: I have been travelling in Ghana with my 17 year old son during August and wanted to share the following points: 1. Currency – I brought some cash dollars but found that the exchange rate was less favourable than it would have been for pounds sterling. You do get a higher rate … Continue reading August 2014 trip report

Bribery & driving in Ghana

I love your Ghana guide, which is my bible as I'm here for an 18-month job .  However, the situation vis a vis bribery is not quite as benign as you describe on pp.85-86, 2009 edition.  I work for a US-funded project that is trying, among other things, to reduce the incidence of bribery along intra-regional (West Africa) trade routes.  It's … Continue reading Bribery & driving in Ghana