August 2016 trip report (mostly in the north)

Kira writes: Paga - Kubs Lodge hasn't changed much, rooms from 50GhC but unfortunately the kitchen doesn't exist.  After a long trip to get over the border, one of the boys went out to get some jollof rice with chicken (the chicken was like eating a shoe, terrible!) Emmanuel from Bolga gave me a good … Continue reading August 2016 trip report (mostly in the north)

Accra to Abengourou (Cote d’Ivoire) via Sunyani

Kira writes: Just spent 2 days getting someone who's never travelled solo outside Accra up to Abengourou in Cote d'Ivoire & worked out a route for him & we were in touch hourly almost on WhatsApp! Asked him for some feedback to get an idea for others, he arrived a few hours ago, tired, hot … Continue reading Accra to Abengourou (Cote d’Ivoire) via Sunyani

Domestic flights with Fly540

Fly540 is now offering internal flights to several locations around Ghana. They fly from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Sunyani. All flights are at a low cost and the company is already known to offer good service and to have a good safety record in East Africa, where it is well established. For more … Continue reading Domestic flights with Fly540