2015 Diipo Festival

Ruddy Nartey of Homeland Tours has forwarded me the following flyer about the 2015 Diipo Festival, which take place in Somanya Krobo in the first week of April

Dipo Festival Of The Krobo, Somanya & Odumasi

2013 DIPO FESTIVAL OF THE KROBO TRIBE IN GHANA DATES: 5TH -8TH APRIL, 12TH – 15TH APRIL, 19TH -22ND APRIL. VENUE: SOMANYA & ODUMASI IN THE EASTERN REGION OF GHANA RESERVATIONS CONTACT: Ruddy Nartey info@linkedheartvolunteers.org Brief Story Of Dipo Passage Rite: Descriptions * The Krobo mark the passage of girls into womanhood by performing a series … Continue reading Dipo Festival Of The Krobo, Somanya & Odumasi