News from and new operator in Kintampo

Richard Dankwa writes: I am a teacher from Kintampo and a certified tourist guide - the only one in my home town and region. I would like to inform you about sights in Kintampo that are not mentioned in your guidebook. The colonial bungalow area, our old police station (used to be a prison in … Continue reading News from and new operator in Kintampo

Holger’s trip report

Holger writes: Our family (son 15 years, daughter 18 years) just traveled two weeks across Ghana and like to send some updates for your travelling guide: General Many prices especially at the touristic sides (like Kakum, Mole, Boabeng) have been rised clearly. Because we had only 2 weeks and wanted to see a lot we decided … Continue reading Holger’s trip report

Trip report Feb/Mar 2013

Manchán Magan ( writes: In Cape Coast the Gramophone Records Museum and Research Centre has gone. The staff of the Cape Coast Centre for National Culture have no idea what happened to it. Wassa Domama Rock shrine project is still working well and their guest house is open.  WASSA DOMAMA, BOX K3, CAPE COAST, Ghana, … Continue reading Trip report Feb/Mar 2013

Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

We have just returned from a five-week tour of Ghana, where we used your guide extensively.  It was an invaluable key to points of interest and to practical necessities (e.g. It’s very late – where can we find a guest house near the bus station?).  Occasionally, though, the description in the guide seemed out-of-date, so … Continue reading Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine