Beyin, Nzulezo and Tafi Abuipe

Tom writes: All in all, we loved Ghana and found your guide book very helpful. But thought readers might be interested to know that for the two day period we stayed at Beyin, the sea had some kind of yellow sticky scum floating on the surface, which was pretty gross to swim in and made our … Continue reading Beyin, Nzulezo and Tafi Abuipe


Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Thanks to James Fraser for these detailed notes about walks taken along the Ghanaian coast over 2011 to 2013: These notes are for those who are thinking of walking along the coast in Ghana.  The coastline is very beautiful, in parts, particularly west of Takoradi.  For anyone who enjoys walking; the coast possibly offers the best … Continue reading Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

New website for West Coast tourism

My name is Lorena López, I am a UNWTO volunteer working with an italian NGO in conjuction with the Ghana Tourist Board Western Region. Since a few years ago the Ricerca e Cooperazione, thementioned NGO, works with other stakeholders to promote tourism in the West Coast using tourism as a tool to poverty reduction. As … Continue reading New website for West Coast tourism