Crime at Ezile Bay, Akwidaa

Regrettably, we have to alert readers to an ongoing crime problem at Ezile Bay, which is otherwise one of Ghana's loveliest beach retreats. We received a report today about a break-in to one of the rooms on 24 December 2016 in which the victim lost all his valuables. We also understand that at least one similar incident happened … Continue reading Crime at Ezile Bay, Akwidaa


News from Cape Three Points

Kate Woolever Martinez writes: I have traveled to Ghana many times and have enjoyed your books! This past summer I took my high school students from Minneapolis, MN, USA there for 4 weeks. While there we were living in Cape Three Points. I wanted to reach out to you because Cape Three Points is doing … Continue reading News from Cape Three Points

Green Zion Gardens, Butre

Irene writes: Green Zion Gardens in Butre has upgraded its services since your last edition was published. Thos owner-managed lodge now offers accommodation (listed on as well as an Indian vegetarian restaurant and bar. It has 3 rooms for rent. 30 cedis each person. One is a double room with twin beds with bathroom and porch. … Continue reading Green Zion Gardens, Butre

Safari Beach Lodge, Akwidaa

Nouss writes: I'd like to bring to your attention my big disappointment about one of the hotels listed in your 6th edition, and to suggest that you warn the readers regarding the deterioration of the facilities and the inappropriate, even disrespectful attitude of the management towards customers. I went to Safari Beach Lodge (Akwidaa - … Continue reading Safari Beach Lodge, Akwidaa

Safety alert for coast between Busua and Cape Three Points

Françoise writes: Yesterday on 2 Feb 2016 we were attacked on the road between Ezile Bay and Cape Three Points. We left for Cape Three Points on foot and followed the road and then the beach up to the village and then the light house. We ate at the village then came back the same way. On the … Continue reading Safety alert for coast between Busua and Cape Three Points

Closures in Akwidaa and Tamale

Sam writes: Just spent five weeks in Ghana and would like to notify of a couple of changes. The Green Turtle Lodge in Akwidaa/Cape Three Points is closed for construction and renovation work for the foreseeable future (a taxi driver I spoke to seemed fatalistic about it ever reopening). On the bright side however, it's … Continue reading Closures in Akwidaa and Tamale

Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Thanks to James Fraser for these detailed notes about walks taken along the Ghanaian coast over 2011 to 2013: These notes are for those who are thinking of walking along the coast in Ghana.  The coastline is very beautiful, in parts, particularly west of Takoradi.  For anyone who enjoys walking; the coast possibly offers the best … Continue reading Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Busua Hotel feedback

Birgit, Robert & Christine write: We are 3 people: one born Ghanaian, one German, one Danish, we are all between 55 and 60 years and have been several times to Ghana before, and would therefore classify ourselves as experienced Ghana Travellers. We are right now at Busua Beach. At Alaska Beach Resort, we asked for two rooms with bathroom. Both the … Continue reading Busua Hotel feedback