Ankassa and surrounds

Corey writes: We recently visited the Ankasa Conservation Area and I had a few updates to options for accommodation near and in the park. The exploration centre at Ankasa is no longer functioning. The floor boards are rotting out, screens are broken, and it appears as if no one has been there in years. Our … Continue reading Ankassa and surrounds

Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

We have just returned from a five-week tour of Ghana, where we used your guide extensively.  It was an invaluable key to points of interest and to practical necessities (e.g. It’s very late – where can we find a guest house near the bus station?).  Occasionally, though, the description in the guide seemed out-of-date, so … Continue reading Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

Ankasa Conservation Area

Tghanks to Phil Marshall for passing on this detailed & up-to-date information sheet about Ankasa: Ankasa Conservation Area lies in Southwest Ghana on the border with the Ivory Coast. Covering 509 km2, this Protected Area falls within an ancient rainforest and is the most biodiverse in Ghana. It represents the only wet evergreen protected area … Continue reading Ankasa Conservation Area