Feb 2016 trip report

Paul Bodenham writes: First of all may I thank you for all your hard work producing the Ghana guidebooks for Bradt. We've been using them for many years and have found them essential. I would like to pass on some information about accommodation in Saltpond, which we visited last February (sorry for the delay!). Mfantessim … Continue reading Feb 2016 trip report

Yellow fever certificates and restaurants in Accra

Walter writes: I’ve been in Accra for 2 weeks, but mostly working and not doing what your excellent guide recommends, but here are some comments. I arrived without a yellow fever certificate. I had to buy one at the airport for 15USD (I gave them a 20, because that was what I had). She asked … Continue reading Yellow fever certificates and restaurants in Accra

More about Cholera

Kira writes: Ghana has got a problem with cholera at the moment, particularly in Accra. For those of you who like 'western' dining I would be very careful! I've just been sent photos of the 'Dynasty' Chinese restaurant which was shut down yesterday by health officials for insanitary conditions in the kitchen and its surroundings … Continue reading More about Cholera

Cholera in Ghana

Andy Brookes writes: A lot of people mainly possible tourists will be keeping an eye on the Ebola situation, even though the disease has not yet been identified in Ghana. However there have been some outbreaks of cholera, so travellers might want to read up on this info page I put together: http://www.accra-guesthouse.com/showArticle/37

EK’s updates

"Ghana Essentials" (Inside the left part of the cover page): => Apparently, exchange rates have changed; By the beginning of 2010, 1 euro was about 2 new Ghana cedi (and not about 1.29 new Ghana cedi). * Chapter 2, section "birds"; pages 44 - 50: => Since the Bradt guide already provides extensive information on bird species … Continue reading EK’s updates