2016 trip report

Edith writes: First of all: your guide book is really very helpful. Thanks a lot!! I have a few comments for you: 1. Some prices have increased a lot.. like Kokrobite Garden. The prices of food and drinks are incredibly high. For Ghana too high!! 2. The Akofa Guesthouse in Amedzofe was wonderful. Very kind host, still … Continue reading 2016 trip report

Trip report Feb/Mar 2013

Manchán Magan (www.manchan.com) writes: In Cape Coast the Gramophone Records Museum and Research Centre has gone. The staff of the Cape Coast Centre for National Culture have no idea what happened to it. Wassa Domama Rock shrine project is still working well and their guest house is open.  WASSA DOMAMA, BOX K3, CAPE COAST, Ghana, … Continue reading Trip report Feb/Mar 2013

Moon and Star Guesthouse, Banko

Patricia Zoer, owner of Moon and Star Guesthouse in Banko, has forwarded us the following information about the village and the guesthouse: Banko is a small town in the middle of Ghana. It is easy to reach using local transportation from Kumasi. In about one hour you will get to Banko. Banko is a typical … Continue reading Moon and Star Guesthouse, Banko