2016 trip report

Christian writes:

First of all I would like to say thank you for your informative good guide book to Ghana.  I travel to different countries around the world yearly and your guide book was probably the best I had in hands for years.

While travelling I found a few mistakes/updates:

Cape Coast Castle (p.208)
US$10 camera fee is for professional use only. “Ordinary” visitors don’t need to pay an extra fee. Using the camera is included in the ticket fee. Even if a DSLR Camera is used.

Elmina Castle (p.223)
Same as Cape Coast Castle. US$20/200 is for professional use only.

Butre (p.249)
Green Zion Garden 500m east of Hideout Lodge offers basic accommodation now with bathroom for an unbeatable GHS30 per night for a double.

Bobiri Forest (p.388)
The quickest and easiest way to reach Bobiri from Kumasi is to go to Ejisu by Trotro and taking a shared taxi to Kubease from there, which final stop is the junction to the Forest. Shared Taxis back to Ejisu leave from the junction as well. Ticket is GHS2, so even buying a few extra seats to keep things rolling might be quiet cheap as well.

Mole (p.432)
The bus from Tamale to Mole is no longer running. As transport to/from Larabanga seems to be limited as well the staff at Mole Motel recommended to use public transport (buses) from/to Tamale to/from Damango and take a dropping Taxi from there.

Sirigu (p.449)
Trotros & shared taxis to Sirigu no longer leave Bolgatanga from alongside Golden Jubilee Park bu  from the main Trotro Station. The route has also changed (going east just north of Bolgatanga then turning northwards after a few miles) so it is impossible to pick up a lift at Kandiga junction as they simply don’t pass there. This also means that they can’t drop you at SWOPA, as they enter Sirigu from the south and Sirigu market is the final destination. Therefore I recommend to use a shared taxi if you don’t want to walk, as the driver will bring you to SWOPA after arriving in Sirigu for a small extra fee (I paid GHS6).

Hope this information may help to make this brilliant guidebook a little bit better.

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