Custom-made clothing in Bolgatanga

Olive writes:
I would like to inform you about two very good seamstresses I met in Bolgatanga. They made some very nice clothes for me and my husband and they are cheap! Their quality is very good and my experience is that it is always difficult to get a seamstress that has a high standard of quality.
For men, the name of the seamstress is Shaibu Ayine, he is located at a dirt road opposite the fuel station in the city centre on the Bawku road. His number is: +233 20 659 5634. He also has Whatsapp, but if you want a quick response it is better to call him, because his Internet is not always reliable.
For women, the name of the seamstress is Hamiratu, she is located in the central market at the place where all the other seamstresses are too. Her number is +233 20 314 2961. You can call her.
It might be difficult to locate them, but when you call them they will be happy to  meet you at an easy to find spot.
They are local people who work very hard, so if you order with them you also support the local people.

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