Sandie & Ian’s trip report

My husband and I have lived in Ghana for almost a year, working on a voluntary basis with a chain of low-cost private schools west of Accra.  In our free time we have travelled to different parts of the country, and I believe we have seen all the major points of interest.  We have used … Continue reading Sandie & Ian’s trip report


Abby’s updates

1. Prices are substantially higher than those in the book.  Hotels were about 25% more expensive on average.  The Kakum canopy walk is now up to 30 cedi.  Also, I was able to do the nature walk without the canopy walk by just saying that I was scared of heights (I'm not particularly, just was … Continue reading Abby’s updates

Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine

We have just returned from a five-week tour of Ghana, where we used your guide extensively.  It was an invaluable key to points of interest and to practical necessities (e.g. It’s very late – where can we find a guest house near the bus station?).  Occasionally, though, the description in the guide seemed out-of-date, so … Continue reading Detailed trip report from Glenn and Christine