Bolgatanga and Volta ferry

David Bannister writes:

Many thanks for the guide, I’m out here doing research for a year and it’s been very useful so far. I’m planning to send through some additional info when there’s time, but wanted to put down a couple of things quickly.

First is that the mobile number you have for the Sand Garden hotel in Bolga is incorrect at the moment – it connects to an unlucky guy living in Walewale, who said that he’s been getting a lot of calls asking for reservations! Maybe he used to work there, or perhaps there’s a problem with the line?

Second, the Akosombo-Yeji boat is presently only going every two weeks, according to the VRA officials in Akosombo, and it leaves on Monday evening rather than Sunday morning. The Yeji-Akosombo return leaves on Thursday.



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