August 2016 trip report (mostly in the north)

Kira writes:
Paga – Kubs Lodge hasn’t changed much, rooms from 50GhC but unfortunately the kitchen doesn’t exist.  After a long trip to get over the border, one of the boys went out to get some jollof rice with chicken (the chicken was like eating a shoe, terrible!)
Emmanuel from Bolga gave me a good price for a private trip from Bolga to Tamale at 100GhC (actually used him as a shared taxi in Paga originally) 050 299 8260
Tamale – Las Hotel has to be the worst place in Tamale these days.  I’ve stayed there several times over 10 years.  The welcome was so rude I walked back out again.  They had a group of German engineering students who I saw a little later & told me that the rooms were filthy & there was no running water. Hamdallah Hotel is right next door to Las Hotel, lovely clean rooms, en suite shower from 50GhC.  Offer fan & a/c rooms, definitely one to recommend and ideally located next to the Chinese restaurant!
Also Tamale – Chinese restaurant above Las Hotel is NOT run by the same company, it’s run by a lovely Ghanaian lady and having eaten there several times over 10 years, I still highly recommend it!
Tamale to Sunyani transport is terrible.  There’s a Metro Mass Transit bus that leaves at 12pm but that’s it.  None of the other companies go to Sunyani, nor do tro-tro’s so it’s an enforced change of transport in Techiman unless you use the MMT service.
Dormaa Ahenkro – lovely town on the border, stayed in ‘Petit Paris’ Guest House which for 40GhC worked very well.  Bizarrely all the plugs used French plugs 020 823 0808/020 823 0592/050 593 3289
From Dormaa you can cross the border about 8km away into Cote d’Ivoire at Tatiekro, 40km east of Agnibilekro on an appalling road

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