News from Busua & Kumasi

Sophia Kahn writes: I'm just back from a two week holiday in Ghana and found your guide really helpful and informative - thank you. I thought I send a couple of updates while everything is still fresh in my mind. Firstly, about Busua: I loved this place with its beautiful beach and particularly wanted to … Continue reading News from Busua & Kumasi


August 2014 trip report

Stefanie O'Bryen writes: I have been travelling in Ghana with my 17 year old son during August and wanted to share the following points: 1. Currency – I brought some cash dollars but found that the exchange rate was less favourable than it would have been for pounds sterling. You do get a higher rate … Continue reading August 2014 trip report

Surf school in Kokrobite

Kira writes: Mr Brights Surf School, which already operates in Busua, has just opened for business at Big Milly's at Kokrobite (on the edge of Accra). It offers surf lessons, surf tours & board rental at similar rates to the operation in Busua. See  Brett Davies, the UK owner, has years of surf experience & qualifications, and also heads … Continue reading Surf school in Kokrobite

News from Black Star Surf Shop, Busua

Peter Ansah of Black Star Surf Shop writes: Black Star Surf Shop has seen some changes in the last few months . If you've ever wanted to learn to hang ten or weave the tube, then head to Ghana's first, Black Star Surfshop (m 0269197812) (open every day from 7am - 7pm). And while hanging … Continue reading News from Black Star Surf Shop, Busua