Oasis Beach Resort, Cape Coast

Nele writes: Thank you for an amazing travel guide to Ghana! My husband was born and bred in the Volta Region so l can't wish for a better guide, but outside of Volta we always use your guide, jokingly refered to as the bible. We are lucky to explore more parts of the country, sometimes … Continue reading Oasis Beach Resort, Cape Coast


Global Mamas in Cape Coast

Alison Robinson of Global Mamas writes: Global Mamas, as listed on p207 of the 7th edition, is an NGO that helps provide sustainable livelihoods to women in Ghana by making fair trade products. In Cape Coast we offer cultural workshops in batik, cooking, head wrapping and drumming and dance.  For further details see http://www.globalmamas.org/Info/cultural-workshops. To book a … Continue reading Global Mamas in Cape Coast

Oasis Beach Resort, Cape Coast

Mirko Schumm of Oasis Beach Resort writes: I wanted to let you know about some recent changes at our resort! New numbers: 00233 (0)245128322 for management and for room enquiries see below. New website: www.oasisbeach-ghana.com facebook: @oasisbeachresort operating times: Restaurant: 7.30 am-11.00 pm Bar: 8.00 am-11.30 pm Reception: 8.00 am-10.00 pm Restaurant now offers specials like … Continue reading Oasis Beach Resort, Cape Coast

Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border

Thanks to James Fraser for these detailed notes about walks taken along the Ghanaian coast over 2011 to 2013: These notes are for those who are thinking of walking along the coast in Ghana.  The coastline is very beautiful, in parts, particularly west of Takoradi.  For anyone who enjoys walking; the coast possibly offers the best … Continue reading Beach Walks from Winneba to the Ivory Coast border