Gomoa Fettah & Cape Coast Updates

Krystof writes:

Thanks for your great work, the Bradt Guide has helped me a lot in Ghana! I would like to share two small hints for a future visitors.

1. Gomoa Fetteh

There is a new fast food place called Paradise Crown Cafe run by a family from Bermuda who relocated to Ghana. We were very surprised when we accidentally ran into this place with my Ghanaian friend who comes from Fetteh, as the town is very sleepy and rather on the decline in terms of both tourism and the life of the community. Shirika, the owner, was happy to share her inspiring story and we met the rest of the family too. In terms of food, they offer amazing chicken burgers in home-made buns, fries, cakes and others. They opened some 9 months ago and are only very slowly getting customers as the (scarce) tourists are not aware of the place and it’s hard to get locals to seek out for novel products.

I added the place into Google Maps and OpenStreetMap where you can find the location. Shirika’s phone is +233550421019.

The opening of the Paradise Crown Cafe is captured in a video on this website: https://www.churchonthefly.com/ghana

2. Cape Coast

Unfortunately, the otherwise amazing Baobab Guesthouse should be added a big warning for travellers sensitive to noise at night. The problem here is that every night a community radio (with spoken word and music) is played very loudly from speakers on Victoria Road just underneath the guesthouse. Because of the fishermen it starts around 2am and doesn’t stop until around 9am. Even with earplugs, we were not able to sleep. The staff is aware of the problem but said nothing could be done about it — they had already tried to speak to the people responsible for this. It seems to be too important for the community. The noise goes through the entire building, no room will be spared.

On the positive note, a hint could be added that the guesthouse has a ‘Conference Room’ with proper chairs and tables that can be used for comfortable (remote) work.


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