Detailed November 2017 trip report

Dominik writes:

First of all, thank you for your helpful tips in the Bradt guide. It helped a lot for my Ghana trip this November.


I usually don’t write any comments on my holidays or guidebooks, but I thought that one episode might be worth being mentioned in the next edition. At least if others were experiencing the same.


I went to Ejisu and stayed in the Gina Pee Guesthouse. Nice place and friendly staff. As I like hiking, I decided to hike to Atia Kusia Kwame Shrine. It was really nice seeing all the kids waving and talking to the ladies in the stores next to the road and in the villages. I finally arrived at the Shrine and the caretaker (Eric Oppong Manu) showed me around. It was interesting enough. When I wanted to leave, he told me that he will organise a vehicle for me (trotro or taxi). I told him that he doesn’t has to, because I will walk back to Ejisu. He told me it’s too dangerous, we (!) have to take a vehicle. I assured him that I was already walking the same route and that it’s not dangerous at all and that everybody was really friendly to me. He told me that he will walk back with me, because it’s too dangerous. I felt quite uncomfortable as I already thought he was a strange guy during the visit. So I told him again that I wanna walk alone. After I had to repeat that a couple of times, I switched from being friendly to being quite straight. Finally I ended up asking the owner of restaurant to tell him that he shouldn’t follow me any more. That made him turn back and so I went on. Only to realise after a while that he started following me again. I told him quite straight and this time also loudly that he should leave me alone, but he made it clear that he would follow me. So I went back a bit. He waited there, knowing that I had to pass him again back to Ejisu. So I went to on of those tiny stores selling water and sweets. The ladies were quite nice. They asked my to sit down, while they were stopping a taxi for me.


I wasn’t scared as it was in the middle of day with other people around, but I felt quite uncomfortably and actually I really wanted to enjoy the walk on my own. And I could imagine that a solo female traveller could really have felt intimidated and scared in that situation. I feel sorry for the guy because he doesn’t seem to master his life very well. But still I think the safety of travellers should come first.


As I’m writing you anyway, maybe also some words to the lodges I stayed:


Ada Foah:

– Maranatha: The setting is paradise. The matress was a nightmare.

– Meet me There: Amazing place

– (not in you book) Paps Beach Camp (close to Dzita): Similar setting like Maranatha, but a bit more comfortable, had some nice time there, the owner works for Meet me There (



– Emancipation Camp: same like Maranatha, only the setting is not as good

– A&Y Wild Camp: Amazing place, super-friendly guy, super-nice village


Wli Falls

– Waterfall Lodge: nice place, nice owners



I don’t remember the name of the lodge (South end of the village), but I had to stay there because there was no more trotro going to Bimbilla. The room had a shower and a toilet, nothing much special, but clean and good enough for 30 Cedi



– Al Hassan: has nothing but a good location in the city center, the receptionist was unfriendly, rooms were nothing special and loud


Mole NP

Mole Motel: Really nice place, good food



Daddy’s Lodge: I really liked the place. Nice people. I loved the balconies and the courtyard. And the location is great.



Scorpion Lodge: This is one of the best places I ever stayed. Paradise setting and atmosphere. Friendly staff. Good food. Perfect location. Rooms are ok. The manager (Ben) will leave this year. New manager will be Mike, who was working there for long as well and is a really nice guy.


Cape Coast

– Oasis: I was hesitating going there, but as Baobab (which friends told me was amazing, and I can at least tell that the staff is really nice) was fully booked I went. Can’t say anything bad about Oasis. Nice location, nice restaurant. Well, Cape Coast itsself has a bit too much of the bad touristic side effects, like you can’t make a step without people wanting to sell anything.



Somewhere Nice: The place itsself and the staff are really nice. The food is amazing. Anyway, I think prices are quite high.


Finally, they were sealing the road from Yendi to Bimbilla, when I was there. Not done, yet, but should be in a couple of months.

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