Feb 2017 trip report

Kim writes:

We traveled in Ghana in February. The Bradt guide was of great help. There are a few places we really want to recommend.

Wa: Wa was absolutely beautiful and great for experiencing the North. We can recommend the Jam guesthouse. The staff was great and they prepare wonderful dinners. It’s a little out of town, but transport in Wa is very inexpensive.

Mole: Since we didn’t have our own car we contacted Ibrahim Matinu to arrange transport to the park. We had a wonderful experience with him! He arranged all our safaris and also gave us a tour of Larabanga including the mosque. We felt very safe there with him, which I’m sure we wouldn’t have if we went alone. We usually avoid organized tours and tour guides, as we like to travel individually, yet we were really glad to have Matinu. He showed us so many places we never would have seen without him. He can take you to the local community and introduce you to Ghanaian life and show you all the things tourists usually don’t get to see. He has a website or can be contacted over Facebook.

Kumasi: Daddy’s Lodge is great, very Central and the owner knows Ghana well and can suggest cool places off the beaten track.

Cape Coast: the Orange Beach Bar is absolutely amazing. If you are staying at the Oasis you can go there for breakfast (just a two minutes walk over the beach), unlike the oasis they have all kinds of fresh juices, many breakfast options and are way less expensive. If you are staying at the Baobab or another place without beach access you can go to the Orange Beach bar to use the beach. The owners will watch your valuables for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. Also they are incredibly friendly and they make everyone feel at home right away. The food being great and very fresh is just a nice extra.

Ada Foah: during the week there is not much to do in Ada Foah. Hiring canoes or kayaks can only be done on weekends and the fishermen ask for ridiculously high prices. But Salomon from the Tsarley Kope was able to organize us a traditional fishing canoe for a few hours for a very small price. Just ask for him at the Tsarley Korpey. The only place that serves lunch in Ada Foah is Vikens. The other places that are mentioned in the guide only open for dinner, if at all.

Accra: as most planes leave relatively late it’s good to plan your last day in advance to make sure you have a place with late checkout. Another option is the Sleepy Hippo. You can use their common showers even after checkout and they store your baggage for free. Unfortunately we had a rather unpleasant experience with the President Hotel. They promised us the same, but then all of a sudden were asking a lot of money. So we spent the day at the Rising Phoenix, where they offer free showers and baggage storage for restaurant guests too, so that’s another great option if you have a late flight or night bus to catch.

General advice: Opening hours of restaurants change often so don’t rely too much on them. In some places it’s hard to find restaurants at all, so keep that in mind if you head out of your hotel. Many restrooms don’t have toilet paper (or toilets for that matter), instead water out of small plastic cans is used. If that is a problem for you, always carry tissues with you.

One thought on “Feb 2017 trip report

  1. Finn says:

    I’m a 18 years old Student from Germany and i stayed one month with Mole Boy (Martinu) at his home. I lived with him and his family and i ate with him and his Family. With Moley Boy you can get a great insight into Ghanaian Culture and the daily life. Furthermore we did great Safaris and tours while which i always felt very safe and comfortable. Thanks to Mole Boy i made experiences that i will remember for my life-time.
    You can Contact Mole Boy on Facebook (Mole Boy travel and safe guide tours) and on http://www.bookallsafari.com .

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