Oasis Beach Resort, Cape Coast

Nele writes:

Thank you for an amazing travel guide to Ghana! My husband was born and bred in the Volta Region so l can’t wish for a better guide, but outside of Volta we always use your guide, jokingly refered to as the bible. We are lucky to explore more parts of the country, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with friends and family visiting. In fact, my parents were just in, travelling to Cape Coast with my husband, his father and myself. We stayed at Oasis Beach Resort because of its location.
I want to warn people for the owner’s dogs, one of them bit my father. This happened when he was walking up to his room and the dog attacked him from the back. The owner wanted to give us 50 cedis to go get a tetanus shot, then that was it. Later the person responsable for taking care of the dogs said this was the 5th time the dogs bit one of the hotel guests. My father is still suffering from the bite and is still in need for treatment.
The owner’s response should have been to apologize and get rid of the dogs, instead he chose to keep them and insult us. He said it was my own fault because ‘the whites’ keep pampering his dogs so now they don’t like ‘the blacks’ anymore, therefore they are getting bitten. This to me is unbelievable! I felt like l had to share, since it won’t be the last time those dogs bite a hotel guest.



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