Domestic flights with Fly540

Fly540 is now offering internal flights to several locations around Ghana. They fly from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Sunyani. All flights are at a low cost and the company is already known to offer good service and to have a good safety record in East Africa, where it is well established. For more details see

2 thoughts on “Domestic flights with Fly540

  1. Elaine Thorpe says:

    April 2012 Internal flights from Accra – Takoradi

    Our experience of internal flights has been mixed. We flew from Accra to Takoradi, enjoyed it so much we booked return flights with the intention fo connecting with a night flight home. Our plan was 3.30pm flight with Antrak arriving in plenty of time for the 22.10 flight. Upon arrival for check in at 2pm we were told that since the flight had been cancelled we had been booked on the 5pm flight with CityLink. At 5pm we were told the flight had also been cancelled due to technical difficulties in Accra and a bus would be provided for those who had connecting flights. We did not make the flight that night and had to rebook for the next day, at cost.

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Every few days, some moron leaves a message on this guidebook update website asking for a quote on flights or similar. I’m not sure whether the people leaving these queries here are trolling or just totally brain dead. Either way, I will block any further messages of this sort, and suggest if you have any queries, you direct them to fly540 – their website is – if your query isn’t answered there, try phoning or emailing them. But posting a question here is truly pointless!!!

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