Accra to Abengourou (Cote d’Ivoire) via Sunyani

Kira writes:

Just spent 2 days getting someone who’s never travelled solo outside Accra up to Abengourou in Cote d’Ivoire & worked out a route for him & we were in touch hourly almost on WhatsApp! Asked him for some feedback to get an idea for others, he arrived a few hours ago, tired, hot & weary (& wishing he had more French) Northern route to Abengourou from Accra for future reference. Day1: Accra(circle station) to Sunyani on VIP bus (40 cedi, but real comfort). Finally filled up at 9am, arrived around 3.30pm Stay in a hotel in Sunyani. If you want hot shower and AC, you can squander 50 USD on Eusbett Hotel (hysterical website). The aim was to stay at the Tropical Hotel but he wanted air-con! Day2: Woke up at 6 am, trotro to Berekum at 7am (1.5 hrs 3 cedis). Then a trotro to Debiso (4hr 10 cedis), the road was absolute nightmare. Shared cab from Debiso to Niable crossing the border (5 cedi plus 500 CFA). Got ‘done’ by un-uniformed border guard for stamp costing 2,000CFA (I’m furious, just wait till I get there!). Then Niable to Abengourou 1000 CFA – 40 min on minibus. Arriving around 4pm

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