Christine’s updates

Hi, I am working as a volunteer near Ashanti Bekwai, and have a few updates for your book. I have found it very useful so far.
In Kumasi, Vic Baboo’s is a very popular place for foreigners to meet, but be ready for extremely slow service and higher prices than similar places in town. For a better meal and much friendlier service, try the Sanbra hotel.
The Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary suffered a large fire some time ago. This means that you are highly unlikely to see any animals there – only burnt savannah.
If you visit the Boabeng monkey sanctuary (which is wonderful) to get back to Techiman flag any trotros that go past Boabeng. If they are going in the wrong direction you can reserve a seat when it comes back. This way they won’t pass you already full.
In Kumasi there is an excellent internet cafe next to the main post office. There are many computers and wireless options. The cost is 90p per 30 minutes.
In Ntonso, David runs a very interesting tour showing how Adinkra cloth is made, and also of his local community. He has a selection of cloth for sale and will also make cloth with your own designs. The tour in Adamwomase is also excellent for Kente cloth. In Bonwire you will be shown a loom and then ushered into a very dark shop.
In Ejisu I chartered a taxi to take me to the shrines. The one in Besease was very friendly indeed but the second one (Edenwease?) was very different. The lady wanted C30 to enter and was very unfriendly. At Besease I paid only C5. I was shown a shrine as part of the community tour from Adamwomase.

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