News from and new operator in Kintampo

Richard Dankwa writes:

I am a teacher from Kintampo and a certified tourist guide – the only one in my home town and region. I would like to inform you about sights in Kintampo that are not mentioned in your guidebook.

The colonial bungalow area, our old police station (used to be a prison in colonial times), a British Cemetery and a couple of more sights in the region are not mentioned in your guidebook. I am very dedicated to Kintampo because I live here and love my town. So I am now into promoting tourism in the region, especially because I am convinced that Kintampo is generally underrated. I set up an up-to-date website with information about the sights and services in Kintampo ( and I intend to put more information on it every month. The bungalow area in particular would be worth it in my opinion (and also my clients that I showed around so far ;).

We are currently starting a non-profit organization, partnering with the Municipal Assembly and the University of Ghana to restore one of the colonial bungalows in Kintampo.

2) KPO Tours Ghana
I recently founded KPO Tours Ghana. My main service is a two-hour Walking Tour through Kintampo, showing tourists a lot of hidden treasures, such as the bungalows, but also taking them to the most important Chief’s Palace, the old market etc. I also offer tours to Kintampo Waterfalls and Fuller Falls, and to Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, as well as home stay / dinner. KPO Tours is the only operator in town and in the region.

KPO Tours Ghana is located in “High Grade Graphics & Trading” Shop, next to Abosomankotere Credit Union Kintampo. Opening hours: Mo-Fr 7am-7pm

Here are my contact details:

Telephone: +233 55 146 9666

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