Abby’s updates

1. Prices are substantially higher than those in the book.  Hotels were about 25% more expensive on average.  The Kakum canopy walk is now up to 30 cedi.  Also, I was able to do the nature walk without the canopy walk by just saying that I was scared of heights (I’m not particularly, just was more interested in the nature walk).
2. The book mentions a bus between Mole Motel and Tamale by M&J Travel.  That does not seem to exist anymore.  The only bus between Mole Motel and Tamale is a Metro Mass bus that leave Mole Motel at 4 am.  That means, if you are planning on seeing animal and taking the bus, you pretty much have to stay two nights at MM.  (The bus arrives too late to see animals the night before).
Also, there is a guide who comes from Mignori to meet the morning walk safari and can arrange for visitors to go to Mignori btwn the morning and afternoon safari times.  They do a canoe safari during that time as well.  It lasts from 10 am – 2:30 pm.
3. There is a Relax lodge in Kumasi and in Tamale.  In Tamale, you tout its Indian food.  I had the food there and I thought it was fine.  However, the food at the Relax lodge in Kumasi is OFF THE HOOK.  Unbelievable.  I didn’t think I was in Ghana anymore.
4. In Kumasi, I stayed at the Four Villages Inn.  They arranged for me to go to the market with a woman who shows people around.  I thought that was useful.  Her name is Comfort and you could find her through Charity, the woman who runs Four Villages.
5. Boabeng Fiema had a guest house with 7 rooms.  I thought it was awesome in the forest.  Real highlight of the trip.  I didn’t stay in the guesthouse.
6. In Kintampo, the phone number listed for the Falls Executive Lodge is the personal number of an ex employee.  I don’t have the new number (of course) but you could note that.
7. On language, it might be useful to note that Ghanians take nouns and make them into gerunds.  It took me a while to figure out that was happening (so footing is walking, going to church is churching, bathing is bath-ing, curving is turning, etc).  Also, two key word concepts: Ghanians never get out anywhere.  They always alight.  And they don’t talk about younger and older siblings, they talk about junior and senior brothers and sisters.
8.  I stayed at the Safari Beach lodge near Dixcove.  Apparently, it has gone through management change.  The hotel is SO MUCH nicer than Green Turtle for not much more money.  However, I heard that the food at Safari Beach lodge is not that good now.  I never ended up eating there, I just ate at Green Turtle and walked back.

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