Budding Tree Jewelry and A-kinko, Accra

My husband and I are living in Accra, Ghana (since July of last year). The Bradt guide to Ghana has been very useful to us and still is.

Two hidden gems we recommend you include in your shopping section for Accra are “Budding Tree Jewelry” and “A-kinko”.

Budding Tree Jewelry (@budding_tree_jewelry on Instagram) is on 2nd Ostwe street, South La-Estate, La-Accra, Accra, Ghana, For three generations it has  been making traditional brass/copper/gold jewelry for Ghana’s chiefs (traditional leaders) using centuries old casting techniques. Designs range from Ghanaian adinkra symbols, mythic animals to masks and religious themes – but they will also make special request designs on demand. It is run by Patience (an elderly woman in her 60’ies) and Emmanuel, her son as well as a senior brass-smith who has been part of the family business for more than 40 years

Their business is suffering because of the influx of cheaper machine-produced jewelry from China and because their shop is not located strategically in terms of tourist/expat clients. Where their workshop/shop is is not a place people go to shop, so you have to know it’s there to find it. But it is a piece of Ghanaian culture that deserves to survive. We are sure visitors to Ghana will love their things if only they knew about it. It’s authentic, handcrafted and historic and we would like to share this reference with you as fans of what they do.

A-kinko is owned by Adwoa Coleman, who has made it her mission to create an “African Lifestyle Space” selling clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and furniture made by some of the best craftsmen on the Continent. The concept is what you could call “authentic African luxury”. It sells high quality and innovative designs from Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burkina Faso and many other African countries and Adwoa is a jewelry designer herself, specializing in oversize brass and horn jewelry. It recently relocated to the A&C Mall in trendy East Legon.

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