Budget accommodation in Larabanga

Barbara writes: I am Barbara from Slovenia, and I work for a Slovenian NGO Humanitas (www.humanitas.si), which runs children’s education projects with local partner organizations in Ghana. Our local partner in Larabanga, organisation AEDIRG (https://www.aedirg.org/), recently set up a volunteer house which also serves as accommodation for tourists. Rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. All … Continue reading Budget accommodation in Larabanga

Security in northern Ghana

Rebecca and Martina write: We are currently traveling around Ghana and we really appreciate your detailed guide book from Bradt. Thanks for all the hints and information! When we were traveling to Mole National Park, we decided to continue our trip to Wa Therefor, we had to take a trotro or a shared Taxi. On … Continue reading Security in northern Ghana

Updates from Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions

ASUMURA CONSERVATION INITIATIVE: Due to continued illegal logging and wildfires, there were only 2 rockfowl breeding sites remaining. And report written by wildlife manager in January 2017 was that no rockfowl had been spotted even in those spots. The hunter Frank Agbeko moved to another community and isn’t really available to help search for these … Continue reading Updates from Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions

Yeji-Akosombo Ferry, Mole NP, Larabanga & Tamale

Jonas writes: We just returned from Ghana. Your travel guide provided some excellent information, thank you for that! I only have a few minor corrections, updates and comments: 1. The Yeji-Akosombo-ferry now leaves Yeji on Wednesday morning around 3 to 4 a.m. We spent our night in Yeji in the Alliance Hotel, which is alright, but pretty … Continue reading Yeji-Akosombo Ferry, Mole NP, Larabanga & Tamale

Shuttle to Mole National Park

Michael of Grassroots Tours writes: Hello Travellers! Grassroots Tours now runs a shuttle transport service from Tamale to Mole National Park at 11am daily except Sunday. The shuttle returns to Tamale, leaving from the entrance of Mole Motel, at 4pm. We also rent 4x4 cars which you could use for safari drives in the park. Call me at 0541668682 for … Continue reading Shuttle to Mole National Park

News from Mole NP, Larabanga and Damongo

Céline writes: I would like to thank and congratulate you for the guidebook on Ghana. I'm living here now, and will be for another year and a half, and the book has turned out to be my best friend! I recently visited Mole National Park and Larabanga and I would like to update you on a few things: The … Continue reading News from Mole NP, Larabanga and Damongo