Volta Region trip report

Kim writes:

I just finished a trip to East Volta region and wanted to share some trip notes:

– Tried to visit Blues of Ur Meditation Centre described as “arguably the most bizarre tourist attraction in Ghana.” Arrived on a Saturday around 4pm and found what looked like a rusted out metal building all locked up. The area looked overgrown. We finally found one local woman in the area picking something who said it was closed and only open during the week.

– When visiting Wli Falls stayed at the Wli Water Heights Hotel. Loved it there, had really good and friendly service. Also liked the food. The rooms were comfortable, highly recommend.

– Stayed at Mountain Paradise Lodge in Biakpa, very close to get to Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary. Nice owner and beautiful setting with good food. Rooms were a little run down but for the price was a great deal, will be back again!

– Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary – we visited around 11am and had no problems finding monkeys during our guided tour (the owner of Mountain Paradise said as long as you go before 4 you’re now likely to see them). We saw 2 troops who came right up close to us, was the highlight of our weekend trip to the area.

– From Mountain Paradise Lodge could see another hotel higher up the mountain and visited it for lunch – Abraerica Hotel in Amedzofe. At the time the guidebook was published it was being built. At first look it was beautiful with a wonderful view all the way over to Lake Volta. We toured the rooms and they looked great with modern (if sterile) facilities although no one was staying there and it was a weekend. Then we sat down for lunch. We all ordered but then only 2 of us ended up with lunch because they kept saying they were out of certain items (about 1/2 hr into waiting for the food). The food we did get wasn’t very good. The service was terrible and we weren’t made to feel welcome. Recommend for a drink to enjoy the great view but wouldn’t stay or eat there.

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