News from Kokrobite & Kosoa

Graham writes:

Going west from Accra on the way to Cape Coast, there is a place the locals call Barrier, where you get off to take a taxi to Kokrobite.
There is now an EcoBank at Barrier with an ATM, and several internet places, and none at all in Kokrobite.
A taxi to the airport from any of the hotels in Kokrobite will set you bak 40 or 45 GHC, but from Barrier you can get a dropping taxi for about GHc15. Or if you want to be really cheap, take a trotro from Barrier to La Paz on the (now re-named George Walker Bush Motorway) and then a taxi, though this is not recommended late at night.
La Paz also has a good night club, at weekends, whose name I can’t recall for the moment, but it’s on the main road by the shops.
A good value place to stay on the Cape Coast road about 25km west of Barrier/Kokrobite is De Crib Hotel (tel: 026 645 1355; GHc35 for a single room without AC). It would be strictly for those who want a stopover without any beach life etc. It’s very modern with good facilities right beside the main Road. It lies at a tro-tro stop called Prison Junction, about 5km past Kasoa, which is about 20km past Barrier.
Going west this section of road is best accessed by tro-tros coming from Kasoa, almost all of those passing Barrier finish in Kasoa, so you have to change and this is a bit of an inconvenience. Getting off in Kasoa you then have to walk ahead until you get past the traffic light in order to find the tro-tros going further west, but a shared taxi can also be got more easily. About 60 pessoas tro-tro or GHc1 by shared taxi. Coming from Cape Coast it isn’t a problem.

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