Walking Ghana’s coastline

I thought that some people might like to do an uncomplicated walk along Ghana’s beautiful coastline. I say uncomplicated because you can start and stop where you like and carry very little on your back.
I walked from Winneba to Takoradi. Every fishing village has a path to the next one. There is always an old canoe acting as ferry to cross the occasional lagoon and river. I was accomanied by a Fanti speaking friend which helped when we frequently had to leave the shore line and to find our way through fishing villages on rocky headlands. But this is not essential, there is always someone who can speak a little English.
We carried a small tent, perhaps not neccesary in the dry season. Basic food can be found in the larger villages and cooked on the shore. ‘Pure Water’ sachets can be purchased in many villages. So the back pack need only contain a change of clothing, cooking pots, some food and water and lunch, for us bread and tinned sardines.
You can camp just about anywhere. But there are now so many lodges/guest houses along the coast (many very recent arrivals) that it is possible to avoid camping altogether. But it is difficult to know where they are before starting – there are no official lists – and I have yet to find a decent map of Ghana.
This walk took me six days, walking 6 to 8 hours a day including a rest day at Cape Coast.


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