Paradise Eco-tourism Lodge, Wli

Tina Poulsen, co-owner of the Paradose Lodge in Wli Falls, forwarded me the following information:

If you like peace, nature, simple living, drumming, music festivals and the idea of ecotourism then we can offer you accommodation surrounded by jungle, beautiful mountains and Wli Waterfall (the highest waterfall in West Africa). We are located in the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary which covers an area of 35 km2, you are surrounded by 220 bird species, 400 butterfly species as well as monkeys and antelopes. It is a small place. We have a few small round huts and 2 bamboo houses on pillars. They are powered by solar lamps and the toilets are self-composting. The rates are from 15 to 25 Ghana cedis per day. If you in a weak moment need “city-life”, we are also located very near a little village with local bars and 2 small hotels serving European and Ghanaian dishes. We are involved with the local community, and you are welcome to join when you visit us. We invite school classes and orphanages to workshops that take place on our big playground. You could join in and help with activities such as: book-café, music and dancing activities, lego-workshop, drumming, play sell and buy in a small grocery shop etc. We have a lot of English books you are welcome to use if you want to be a guest teacher on one of the 3 local schools. There is also a possibility of teaching locals to use sewing machines, so feel free to choose your own ideas and get a chance to make your own little production. We are very interested in products made from recycled water bags.

Contact Stephan for more information: from outside Ghana +233207591875, in Ghana 0207591875 (send a SMS or text if you can’t get connection and he will call you back )


Transport : Go to Hohoe and take a trotro or taxi to Wli Afegame.

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2 thoughts on “Paradise Eco-tourism Lodge, Wli

  1. Tina says:

    If you want to see pictures of paradise you can go to the facebook-group : Paradise and Eco- tourism is easy to find in Ghana Africa or the facebook- site: Paradise and Eco-tourism is not hard to find in Ghana Africa. In these groups there is also information and ideas about what to bring ( most tickets allow you to have 2×23 kilos !) if you want to help poor people.

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