Island hopping from Big Ada

Recently I have been traveling to the Volta River area around Big Ada and some information about  a fun trip around the nearby islands in the Volta River might be of interest to future readers and to yourself. From Big Ada it is easy to take a boat tour of the Volta River Island chain. The Boatman Isaac, the most dependable boat service from Big Ada, can be chartered at negotiable prices and times. Leaving from the non-existent Big Ada dock, the tour heads north and then bends around to Pediatorkope Island, the largest in the chain, where an impressive renewable energy effort can be seen. This island, in partnership with local government and NGO’s, has become a testing ground for projects ranging from solar panels to electricity-generating swing sets and merry-go-rounds that can be seen at the islands school and clinic. While the site of a playground that lights up huts at night is interesting, there are many more tropical treasures to see and taste along the way.  Be sure to grab some smoked oysters and a fresh coconut for the ride around Tuanikope, Aflive, and Alorkpem before heading down to the river mouth for some body surfing or lounging in the tropical sun. For more information on the renewable energy projects check out And for the island boat tour contact The Boatman Isaac at 024 6938510.

Chris Owen

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