Updates for Kokrobite & Saltpond & Apam

Sam Says:
(August 2, 2008)


I was robbed on the beach at Kokrobite three weeks ago. I didn’t have much of value on me (a broken watch, some coins, and some random pieces of paper). There were 5 of them. One had a knife which he displayed but not in a threatening way. They approached me and one of them said, “ok bring your things”. They weren’t forceful or menacing, which made me think that they were just some opportunists rather than dedicated robbers, but armed robbery is armed robbery! I think they were disappointed that I wasn’t loaded but they left after about a minute.


Victoria Beach Resort looked closed to me. I stayed in the Naatoa Guest house which was fine for a night. Not much to do in Saltpond though I liked the posuban shrine and got to meet the local chief who was very nice and explained all the aspect of the shrine to me. The beach would be superb if it weren’t for the huge amount of toiletting going on there!


I stayed in the castle. They wanted 10 cedis for the night. There is no electricity and the bathrooms are downstairs, and require that you fetch your water from the well. The sheets on the bed stunk. I recommend the castles at Senya and Princesstown if you are looking to stay overnight. The nearby beach in Apam is an official bathroom with signs even indicating which part of the beach is for men and which is for women! I’ve been almost all over Ghana, and this is the worst place I’ve been for shouts of ‘obruni’ from kids. I was not impressed by Apam.

On this trip I saw the funniest name for a shop I’ve ever seen: near Nkrumah Circle in Accra there is a lottery ticket kiosk called “Satan Will Die Naked”!!


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