May 2018 trip report

Burkart & Johanna write:

We passed 2 amazing weeks in Ghana. Thanks to your helpful guide we were well prepared and enjoyed our time very much. We would like to share some experiences with you to further improve the guide. We have the 7th edition.


We booked the first hotel in Accra online from home to be sure we have a place to stay and to have a contact in Ghana for the visa application. We did this through Jumia, which apparently never paid or even informed the Ampax Grand Hotel. Thankfully the only problem for us was a delay, but ultimately the hotel dealt with the agency. It would be helpful for first-time travelers to add some info on how best to arrange for accommodation from home.

When we went to the lighthouse in Jamestown, somebody approached us and told us to wait for someone from JayNii, Humphrey Aryee, to show us around the fish market. The people there interacted with him in a friendly manner, so we ended up giving him a donation for “his” charity. Further research showed that we had most likely been too gullible and the money never arrived at JayNii.

(PB adds – see also

We would have liked to see the Agbogbloshi scrap yard but didn’t find the time. From the sounds of it, this would be a worthwhile addition to the things to see in Accra. It would be great if you could provide additional info like where to go exactly and maybe a recommended guide.

Kumasi & surrounds

The phone number 0541 481488 of Ashanti Gold Hotel (travel guide, page 366) doesn’t exist anymore.

We recommend that you add the Great Land Hotel in Kumasi. It’s a very nice and affordable accomodation including breakfast. It is situated close to the culture center. Attached, you find the room prices. Phone number: 0543051800

On Friday, there are no guided walks at the Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary in Kubease (travel guide, page 395). There were fewer butterflies than we expected and those were primarily on the road to the guest house. We nevertheless enjoyed the informative guided tour through the forest very much.

We stayed at the “Beyin Eco-Beach Camp” (travel guide, page 264) which is quoted as 11/ 14 US$ (55 / 70 Cedi). We were initially asked for 120 Cedi which quickly dropped to 80 Cedi. We considered this quite steep for a very basic room with shared bathroom and shower that was turned into a bucket shower since there was no running water. Regardless, the owner’s son argued that the newly constructed facilities justified the increased price. We ended up paying 50 Cedi in exchange for letting you know of the new price. Besides, other travelers told us that they encountered a similar scheme at the Beyin Beach Resort.

Another update regarding the Beyin Eco-Beach Camp: The new owner’s phone number is 0547473816. Her name is Agara.




We used coaches for longer trips which was incredibly more comfortable than Tro-Tros for someone with long legs. STC was particularly nice and appeared to have improved from the description in the book. In Kumasi, STC busses depart for Accra every hour from Asafo Terminal.

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