JayNii Streetwise, Accra

Marly writes:

Reading about JayNii Streetwise , in your 2014 Ghana guide, I decided to take them some school utensils. I almost didn’t succeed to get them on the spot because the bag and I were more or less hijacked by a few trouble makers (one very agressive!) from the adjacant fishing ‘village’. They insisted I should first do a tour in the slum village and during this tour faux-guide Humphrey tried several times to leave the above mentioned bag behind, saying he would make sure it would go to the school kids. When the bag and I finally made it to JayNii we were told these guys are all criminals. They will sell the stuff and/or fight over it. Sp I’d advise people to take the steps on the right side of the lighthouse when facing the ocean, and go straight to JayNii – although this might be a challenge when the agressive Rasta & co keep watch.

PB adds: Note that we do warn people about this and offer the same advice on p142 of the 7th (2017) edition, but sorry to hear this is still going on!

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