Money in Ghana

I have just come back from Ghana with my family and wanted to let you know that getting hold of money became an issue for us at times because we needed more money than single travellers.  We took a mixture of cash, cards and travellers’ cheques.  It’s almost not worth bothering with the travellers’ cheques.  Standard Chartered Bank in Accra no longer exchanges travellers’ cheques and Barclays in Accra will only exchange £150 per day, which doesn’t go far in Accra with a family.   A really good find for us in Takoradi was the head office of Barclays.  This isn’t to be confused with the branch of Barclays in Town.  It’s situated in the High Street, which is a taxi ride out of the main town.  It’s also known as the harbour branch locally.  This branch of Barclays will cash 250 of any currency e.g. £s, $s or euros. The service is very quick here and good if you having to make a trip into Takoradi to pick up money because you can only get 800 GCDs a day out of the atms.  We ended up bringing some cedis back with us because of time bungles on the way and at the airport.  I have just discovered that it is impossible to exchange cedis in the UK, which would be really good to include in the guide book.  I’ve tried Forex bureaus, my own bank and the Ghana bank with absolutely no joy.  Apparently, it’s what’s known as a closed currency in the UK.

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