Cape Coast updates

After spending about 2,5 years in Cape Coast and around, I want to recommend a few places to travellers.

First and most its “Oasisi Beach Resort”, just 500m west off the castle in Cape Coast. Budget rooms, excellent meals and very friendly staff, rounded up by a bunch of nice travellers and locals hanging out there. The owner, Ali, has excellent management skills and always an open ear for the customer.

Secondly, the “Meet me There Spot” around Adisadel Estates in Cape Coast offers basic local food of good taste, the best beef kebab in town and draught beer. A signpost at Adisadel road should guide you. Sometimes life band!

Thirdly, as many visiters complain about not seeing any animals at Kakum National Park, though it is a very impressive walk along the canopy, try “Monkey Forest Resrve”, just before you get to the Kakum main gate. Anett and Denis from Holland run the place and have always a good story and a lot of interesting local animals in their yard. Please donate generously, because they need support in their project.

Gerald Frost

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