Adidome Ceramic Factory

Well worth a visit, while in Ghana, is the revived brick, roof tile and ceramics factory in Adidome, located 20km from Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana. In this small village it is the only industrial small-scale enterprise but it is now employing over 30 previously unemployed people to manuafcture clay bricks, traditional hand-formed bamboo roof tiles, interlocking Marseilles Roof Tiles, clay pavers, thin-brick slices and hollow blocks. The new expansion programme for 2010 is for rapid expansion of the ceramic pottery unit now that production of terracotta pottery has now commenced and a new pottery kiln has been built. During 2010 glazed pottery will be produced as soon as the large electric shuttle kiln, which is already on-site, has been installed. It is facinating to watch the highly trained artisans produce the hand-formed tradional bamboo roofing tiles from pressed slabs of the local Adidome clays.

Graham Smith

6 thoughts on “Adidome Ceramic Factory

  1. kwesi says:

    how can people contact you and do business with you. i managed to send a mail into your email address and till now has not been responded. if you want do businss, i think you should first learn to reach and be reached by Ghanaians. am interested in brick building and will be happy to hear from you

    • Graham says:

      Please note that full details of all the clay brick, paver and roof tile products made by Adidome Ceramics Company and their prices can be obtained from our Accra office at Kwashiman-Lapaz, near Hong Kong Theatre. Please contact General Manager, Jones Antwi-Addo for full information, tel: 021 317298 or cell 0244 388357
      Alternatively if you are in the Volta Region, please visit the factory, which is located just after the Adidome Hospital at Kpogede.

  2. philipbriggs says:

    I never received your email. If I had I would have responded to it. I have sent a reply to your email address now. I don’t know what you mean by “if you want do businss, i think you should first learn to reach and be reached by Ghanaians”??????

  3. Simon says:

    I just heard about bricks from adidome. I am planning to build a two-storey 2-bedroom apartment in Accra. May I pls ask:

    1. How many bricks would be required to build, say, a 12ft x 12ft single room?
    2. what is the total cost (less transportation)?
    3. How economical is it as compared with blocks?

    Urgent treatment of this inquiry is very much desired to enable me decide on options available to me.

    thank you.

    • Graham says:

      Dear Joyce
      Thank you for the interest in Adidome Ceramics Company.

      For information on our clay brick and clay roof tile products and also bricklaying services, please contact me on and
      If you are in Ghana, please contact our General Manager, Jones Antwi-Addo at the Kwashiman-Lapaz office in Accra (near Hong Kong Theatre), or you can visit the factory in Adidome, of course
      Tel 0302-317298, Cell 0244-388357, 0243 586078
      Yours sincerely

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