Twamfum Shrine

On the way back to Kumasi to Kintampo we stopped at a village called Twamfum (left turn near Kuntunase-Kuntease? village) as there was a local shrine- we were actually looking for the large one on the Mampong road that is mentioned in the guide, but equally glad we found this shrine. I doubt they get as many visitors as the larger shrines, so everyone gathered round curiously when the taxi driver explained our purpose. Luckily the fetish priests were all there: we were told to greet the head priestess in a special hut in a special way (left hand, shoes off) that was filled with charms and fetishes and had a strong though not unpleasant smell. They brought out the drums and the singers and put on a ’show’. Our taxi driver explained the points at which the various gods entered the various priests, and by the end of it we were all covered in flour. Very interesting and definitely recommended. We gave them GHC20.00 after some haggling, to split between the drummers, priestess and priests.


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