Boti Falls website

There is now a highly informative website for the tourism project at this site, Note, however, so far every time I try to contact them by email, as there is no postal address, it is returned.  Apparently this is a ‘permanent problem’ according to the return message.  If anyone else is having this trouble and has found a way around it, I’d be very pleased to hear how they managed it. 
Mel Richardson     



2 thoughts on “Boti Falls website

  1. Dr. Ransford A. Bossman says:

    Its a BIG shame, I wonder if they don’t have phone numbers,How can u put a fake email address on a whole tourist site.Making it difficult for the public to get in contact.The Ghana Tourism authority must do something about this.

    Dr.Ransford A. Bossman

  2. Prof. Adu Frimpong says:

    why do you want to always keep Ghana lying low,imagine a whole tourist centre with no address,telephone number and above all a wrong email address.isn’t it a shame

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